Vet-Pro™ Gloves are designed and manufactured for the humane handling of animals, reptiles, and birds of prey, etc. Animals, reptiles and birds large or small, vicious or placid deserve to be handled gently and the the handler protected from injury. If You recognize or witness some of the following professionals at work, chances are you'll see Vet-Pro™ Gloves on the job.

1. Vet-Pro™ "WARDEN" Glove in various configurations:

A. "The original "WARDEN" 22" long; used by Veterinarians and their technicians. Humane Societies, Animal Wardens, Animal Shelters, Breeding farms, cactus plant handling, University laboratories, Animal testing Labs, reptile handling. Men's sizes only.

B. The "WARDEN JR." 15" long; used by those requiring less restriction as listed above. Available in Mens sizes only.

C. "The "WARDEN PRO-MAX" 22" long, double Dupont Ballistic Kevlar Felt lined. Used by handlers of Feral cats, more dangerous and vicious snakes, reptile handlers, Animal Wardens, Exotic animal handlers, SPCA's, Animal Rescue Teams, Public Utilities, Zoo's, Bridge Inspectors, Veterinarians handling feral cats.Primate Testing Labs. Available in one size, Men's Large (10 to 11 1/2)

2. Vet-Pro™ "MAGNUM" with steel mini-bars. Used by Veterinarians, Wardens, Humane Societies, Zoo's, Exotic animal and reptile handlers, hunters, animal rescue teams, animal hospitals. 22" long. Available in one size, Men's Large (10 to 11 1/2).

3. Vet-Pro™ "FORESTER" with steel min-bars. Similar to the Magnum, yet more rugged and designed for handling Bear Cubs and Wild-Life. 22" long. Available sizes, mens large.

4. Vet-Pro™ "TRAPPER" made similar to the original "WARDEN", except with extra wide bell cuff and nylon take-up strap. 22" long. Used by trappers, field personnel, EPA Inspectors, animal rescue teams, SPCA's, Public Utilities, animal control officers,bridge inspectors, animal wardens. Available in one size, Men's Large (10 to 11 1/2).

5. Vet-Pro™ "ARM-GUARD" used as added protection in the sleeve area of all VET-PRO Gloves. Adjustable and excellant to avoid blunt trauma.

6. Vet-Pro™ "LEG-GUARDS-CHAPS" used in snake country for added protection. Available sizes; small, med., large, X-Large.

7. Vet-Pro™ "GATORS" excellent snake proof protection for the lower leg area. Adjustable sizing.