Each pair of our gloves is designed with you in mind. Here we will take an in-depth look at how the many intricate features of our gloves make them the superior hand protection for a variety of different applications.

Our gloves are manufactured with Top-Grain Palomino #1 choice leather. The hundreds of other available samples considered (from cowhide to exotic leathers) simply could not match this leather's maneuverability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. In addition, every piece of leather that goes into our gloves is meticulously hand-cut by the finest leather craftsmen in the U.S.A.
Vet-Pro™ gloves are lined with heavy-grade Dupont Ballistic Kevlar in felt form. This material is available in a knitted and woven fashion as well, but extensive studies have shown that the felted material is much more penetration-resistant because of its density. Knitted or woven materials have weak spots where especially small objects (such as teeth or needles) are more likely to slip through, whereas felt material is evenly distributed and layered, making penetration far less likely.
All Vet-Pro™ gloves have a loose fit for both hand maneuverability and safety. This provides you the dexterity and comfort that you need to get your job done right, and is much safer than a snug-fitting glove which cannot be removed as quickly or as easily in the event of an emergency.
Vet-Pro™ gloves intentionally have no elastic tightening in the wrist, so that they may be shaken off quickly when needed, without any complications.
The stitching on our gloves is done with double-stitched Dupont Ballistic Kevlar thread. This thread is so tough that it has held together tens of thousands of Vet-Pro™ gloves that we've distributed, a stunning 100% of which have outlived their five-year conditional warranty
Several of our models utilize the steel "mini-bar" addition for safety. Steel mini-bars add a tremendous amount of protection, but are organized on the surface of the glove in such a way that they do not hinder the user's dexterity. Gloves featuring this addition are a must-have for dangerous applications, such as the handling of bear cubs, snakes, and feral cats.

Our Vet-Pro™ Forearm and Upper Arm Guard is manufactured from Dupont 2-ply 8- ounce Kevlar twill material, and holds firmly to the upper arm using premium Hook-and-Loop velcro adjustable closures.

This new design is created to fit under all Vet-Pro™ style gloves, and extends 6 to 9 inches past the cuff of any of our gloves, giving the animal handler the ultimate in penetration and blunt-trauma resistant protection.

Vet-Pro™ is constantly researching new materials, methods of production, and designs for our gloves. Please check back in the future for gloves being developed with new space-age materials!