Butler Schein Animal Health

400 Metro Place
North Dublin, OH 43017
Tel: 1.800.258.2148
Fax: 1.888.329.3861
Sales/Support: 1.888.691.2724
Technical: 1.800.827.4243x1
Equine: 1.888.822.4737

Territory: USA (Nationwide Distribution Network)
Product Line: Animal health products for the companion animal, large animal, and equine; including pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, parasiticides, and medical equipment/supplies. Plus, over 1000 private label products.
  Patterson Logistics,
Webster Veterinary Supply

Webster Veterinary Supply, Inc.
137 Barnum Road
Devens, MA 01434-5230
Fax: 1.978.422.8832

Territory: USA (with multiple stocking locations coast to coast)
Product line: Veterinarian supplies large, pharmaceuticals, and small animal handling products.
Website: www.jawebster.com


Forestry Suppliers, Inc.

205 W. Rankin St.
Jackson, MS 39284
Telephone: 1.800.647.5368
Fax: 1.800.543.4203

Territory: USA and international.
Product line: Forestry, engineering and environmental products.
Website: www.forestry-suppliers.com/Promo/msa.asp


 Midwest Tongs Inc.

14505 South Harris Road
Greenwood, MO 64034
Telephone: 1.888.676.6223
Fax: 1.800.881.6247


Territory: USA & International
Product line: Manufacturers of animal and reptile handling equipment.
Website: www.midwestcapture.comWebsite: www.tongs.comE-mail: info@midwestcapture.com

Vetin-Aacofarma BV

Industrieweg 7
P.O. Box 86 nl 5281 RW
Boxtel, Netherlands
Tel: 31.0.411.658026
Fax 31.0.411.658037

Territory: Netherlands and Europe
Product line: Veterinarian and medical supplies and equipment.
Website: www.vetin.nl


Wildlife Control Supplies

Tel toll free 1. 877.684.7262
Tel 1.860.844.0101
Fax 1. 860.413.9831


A Connecticut based, wildlife control supply, stocking distributor, servicing clients nationally and internationally at competitive prices with quality products. They stock a complete line of products and usually ship within two days. Credit cards accepted.

MED-VET International

13822 West Boulton Blvd.
Mettawa, Illinois 60045
Customer Service and Sales
Toll Free 1-800-544-7521
Fax 1-847-680-4440
Web Site www.shopmedvet.com

A quality retailer and wholesaler of veterinary supplies, surgical equipment, prescriptions R/X, animal control products including Vet-Pro™ Gloves, animal grabbers, nets, etc. since 1984.Territory: United States of America, including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.Method of shipments: USPO, UPS, DHL, Fed-X, and ocean freight. All Credit Cards accepted. Also money transfers, COD's, Pre-Paid shipments and open approved accounts for charging. Please review our website for product choices.

Ju Kyoung Bang Jae Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Green Apt. Arcade
2nd Fl.
64, Semuseo-ro 2-gil
Seoul 120-783 Korea
Tel +82-2-396-8164/5
Fax +82-2-396-8185

Exclusive Vet-Pro Animal Glove dealer for South Korea and neighboring countries.
S. K. Woo, President
N. S. Park, Director
Website: http://www.jk153.com