Many national and international groups have relied on the use of Vet-Pro™ animal and reptile handling gloves in their daily operations:

We are pleased to carry on the quality Vet-Pro™ line of animal handling gloves. These gloves were designed by John Egler, a certified Safety Professional and Industrial Hygienist for 40 years. He designed his first line of Vet-Pro™ gloves in 2000 because he was unable to find a suitable and safe product for handling and caring for wild and domestic animals for his clients.

With both safety and comfort in mind, for both the animal handler and animal, John developed gloves that even today, stand apart from others you may find. Vet-Pro™ gloves are used not only by animal care and wildlife professionals but environmental workers, hospitals, police departments, the United States government, and many others. All of our gloves are made entirely in the United States by USA craftsmen, and are covered by an unparalleled 100% five-year conditional warranty against defective workmanship and premature wear.

Vet-Pro™ gloves are an ideal solution for any professional in need of safe, comfortable, expertly-designed work gloves for any of a wide variety of applications. This site contains a wealth of information about the different styles, to help you decide if this is the right hand protection for your line of work. Take a look, and see why other field-leading professionals have chosen Vet-Pro™.